What is the CoC?

The Gaston-Lincoln-Cleveland Continuum of Care (G-L-C CoC) is a collaborative network, not a standalone organization. It is authorized by federal legislation through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. As such, the G-L-C CoC is served by a Lead Agency designated to carry out planning, evaluation, services coordination, administrative, data management, and funding application activities. HealthNet Gaston, a local nonprofit organization, has been designated by the G-L-C CoC membership as its Lead Agency. Ultimately, the purpose of the CoC is to assist communities in preventing, addressing, and ending homelessness.

CoC Structure

Each local area Continuum of Care is structured according to the uniqueness of the community it serves. The G-L-C CoC is a regional continuum that serves three contiguous counties: Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln. The CoC is open to all who desire to work collaboratively to prevent, address, and end homelessness in the G-L-C’s region. The membership of the G-L-C CoC is ultimately responsible for the activities and outcomes of the continuum. To accomplish the objectives of the CoC, the membership elects a governance body and selects a Lead Agency. Committees are formed as needed to carry out the priorities of the CoC and to ensure compliance with HUD expectations for continua of care across the country. The local CoC, through its Lead Agency, is responsible for the regional application for NC Emergency Solutions Grant funding and the collaborative application for HUD’s Continuum of Care Program competition. Check out our G-L-C Resource Library below for links to more information.

CoC Governance

The collective voice membership of the G-L-C CoC provides for the overall strategic direction and functioning of the CoC. To manage the various responsibilities of the CoC, the membership has delegated authority to both an Advisory Board and a Lead Agency. The Advisory Board is composed of members from all three counties served by the G-L-C CoC, including officers serving as Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. Advisory Board members serve two-year terms and officers are elected annually. The G-L-C membership also appoints a Lead Agency to conduct many of the business functions of the CoC. The Lead Agency is responsible for management of the local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), Coordinated Entry, and HUD/ESG collaborative funding competitions and applications. The Lead Agency serves as the primary point of contact with HUD and the NC ESG Office. The G-L-C CoC membership meets regularly in committees and as a membership body.

CoC Meeting Archives

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