Lead Agency

HealthNet Gaston serves as the Lead Agency for the G-L-C CoC. HealthNet Gaston (HNG) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to affordable healthcare services to low-income, uninsured Gaston County residents with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Lead Agency assumes multiple responsibilities for supporting the local CoC:

  • Serve as the local collaborative applicant for HUD’s CoC Program Competition
  • Serve as the regional applicant for NC ESG’s Request for Funding Applications
  • Serve as the primary point of contact to HUD and the NC ESG Office
  • Employ Local Systems Administrators to manage all aspects of the local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), including participating in the NC HMIS program
  • Manage the local Coordinated Entry process according to HUD’s guidelines
  • Provide technical assistance support to CoC member agencies participating in CoC activities
  • Provide for regular communications and reports related to CoC priorities, activities, and community impact

The Lead Agency manages several HUD and NC ESG grants for the benefit of the G-L-C CoC including HUD Planning, HMIS, Coordinated Entry. In addition, HNG manages grant funding to provide Street Outreach, Housing Navigation, and Community Resources Advocacy across the CoC. HNG’s Executive Director serves on the G-L-C Advisory Board.

To accomplish all of the functions required of a Lead Agency, HealthNet Gaston contracts with a consultant to provide Technical Assistance to both the Lead Agency and to the G-L-C CoC. Carson Dean Consulting, LLC is presently engaged as the CoC’s Technical Advisor.

Strategic Plan

In January 2023, the Gaston-Lincoln-Cleveland Continuum of Care engaged Carson Dean Consulting, LLC to guide the CoC through a strategic planning process that will culminate in a comprehensive three-year strategic plan to guide the CoC. As part of the strategic planning process, focus groups have been held in all three G-L-C CoC counties and, in the summer of 2023, each county will complete a systems mapping exercise that will contribute to the development of a G-L-C regional systems map. Additionally, a comprehensive review of the CoC’s current governance, committee, and communications structure is underway with a recommendations report slated for release before fall. As a result of focus group and individual engagements, improvements have already been made to the CoC’s communications, including the launch of a weekly update email and monthly newsletter. Once the strategic plan is complete, public reporting on progress will be regularly released.

A major outcome of the strategic planning process will be the development of a community report card published annually (and updated regularly) by the Lead Agency on behalf of the G-L-C CoC. This report card will serve to educate the public, influence stakeholders including local officials, and help the CoC prioritize scarce resources. Data populating this report card will come primarily from HMIS but can include other quality data sets including local school systems, domestic violence providers, and healthcare systems.